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View, annotate and sign any PDF.
Now read those important PDFs in your palm with Adobe Acrobat Reader - the 100% free and trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating and signing PDFs


View PDFs: Instantly open PDF documents from email, websites or any app that supports Share. Search, scroll, zoom in and out and choose Single page, Continuous scroll or Reading mode.
Annotate and review PDFs: Make comments using sticky notes and drawing tools or highlight and mark up text with annotation tools. You can also view and work with annotations in the comment list.
Scan documents and whiteboards: Take a photo of anything from a receipt to a whiteboard and save and share it as a PDF. Scan multiple pages into one document, reorder them the way you like or enhance the images with improved boundary detection, perspective correction and text sharpness.
Fill and sign forms: Fill forms quickly or use your finger to e-sign any document.
Print, store and share files: Sign in to your free Adobe Document Cloud account; connect your Dropbox account or print directly from your phone.
In-app purchase: Convert PDFs and organise pages on the go and across devices by subscribing to one of Adobe's online services.
Organize pages: Subscribe to Acrobat Pro DC to reorder, rotate and delete pages.
Create PDF files: Subscribe to Adobe PDF Pack and convert Microsoft Office Files and images to PDF.
Export PDF files to Word or Excel: Subscribe to Adobe Export PDF and save PDF documents as editable Microsoft Word or Excel files.
Available in several languages: From English to Portuguese and Chinese to Turkish, pick the language you prefer.

Already a subscriber? Just sign in to convert and export PDFs on the go.

View Terms of Use at http://www.adobe.com/special/misc/terms.html.

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